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TrackMania² Stadium is the third title from ManiaPlanet, the online multi-player gaming platform developed by NADEO. TrackMania² Stadium is the return of the highly successful Trackmania Nations Forever. This title takes you onto the stadium field and its competitive tracks created by and for players, while driving the classic stadium car that will make you defy the laws of gravity.

Embark on a game with stunning graphics, offering a gameplay which is both simple and proven, whose pleasure is enhanced thanks to the many features of ManiaPlanet. TrackMania² is released as a must-have title for online arcade racing and Stadium, its second environment, promises you unparalleled sensations of stadium racing lined with inflatable cacti and its long winded roads and loops. Stadium proposes to show your driving skills on tracks tailored for control, high speed, excessive jumps... Or all three at once!

Welcome home!

This is your homepage in TrackMania² Stadium. On the center of your screen, you see the maniahome where you can talk with your buddies, surf the ingame network of player created content and much more.

On the left part of your screen, you have the game's menu:

  1. Solo: allows you to access the solo campaign mode, including the official TrackMania² Stadium tracks, classified by difficulty. The solo campaign allows you to play in official mode and take part in the SkillPoints (SP) world rankings which allows you to earn Planets. It also allows you to play with your groups.
  2. Multiplayer: allows you to connect to an online server in order to play against opponents from all over the world.
  3. Local play: offers various game modes in order to play with several people on a single computer or in a local area network.
  4. Editors: offers a selection of editors including the simple map editor, the replay editor (MediaTracker) or the paint editor (Painter).
  5. Profile: allows you to modify your personal information, nickname, avatar, the skin of your car, etc.

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