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In ShootMania Storm, there are a variety of weapons as well as special abilities available in multiple game modes.


The Weapons

There are three different weapons in ShootMania Storm - The Rocket-Launcher, the Laser and the Nucleaus. No weapon is displayed on the screen - instead it is represented by a device on the character.

Weapon stormMan.jpg

The Rocket-Launcher

The rocket-launcher is the base weapon for most game modes. It has a slow-moving projectile, so the shot must be timed in order to hit its target. You need to hit your opponent directly to cause damage. It is important to note that the rocket-launcher can usually be used almost anywhere on the map. In many game modes, the rocket-launcher can be fired up to four times before needing to recharge.

The amount of damage, ammunition, and reload speed may change between the various game modes.


The Laser

The Laser is a hitscan weapon, meaning that it immediately hits the target when the fire button is pressed. In several modes, the Laser is available only on the Laser blacks (also referred to as the “railpad” by the community).

The amount of damage, ammunition, and reload speed may change between the various game modes.


The Nucleus

The Nucleus is a kind of grenade launcher, allowing players to fire a slow-moving rocket that sticks to the first thing it touches, before exploding a few seconds later.

It’s also an Area of Effect (AoE) weapon, because the rocket will also explode as soon as an enemy enters the influence radius (around 1 meter).

The amount of damage, ammunition, and reload speed may change between the various game modes.


Special Blocks

In ShootMania, it is also possible to place certain blocks on the map which allow special actions.

The JumpPad

The JumpPad (or Bumper) is a block that alters how a player jumps: more or less, stronger, higher, etc. This allows a player to quickly and easily move to several locations on the map, yet makes you an easier target since your trajectory is predictable.


The LaserPad

The LaserPad (or RailPad) is a block that allows you to change your weapon to the Laser once you’re on it. Moreover, it is also possible to zoom in with the weapon using right click as long as you are on the LaserPad. You are unable to jump while you’re on it.


The Grappling Hook

The Grappling Hook allows you to swing yourself like a famous spider! To attach yourself to the Hook Block, you only need to aim at it and hold right click. While you are using the Grappling Hook, you are unable to use your weapon.


The Wooden Blocks

The Wooden Blocks allow you to slide in a single direction, gaining speed without using stamina.



The Walljump is a jump trick, allowing you to make subsequent jumps against, or off of a wall after the first jump to reach otherwise unreachable places.


The Power Paths

The Power Paths are metallic blocks that grant you a movement and a weapon reload speed bonus while you’re on it.

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