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You are about to read the TrackMania² Canyon user manual, the first title from ManiaPlanet, the online multi-player gaming platform developed by NADEO. But TrackMania² Canyon is, above all, a new development in the world of online racing games: by simply continuing with the creation and sharing of tracks of its previous version, this title takes you onto winding and dusty tracks created by and for players, at the steering wheel of a high-powered car that will make you defy the laws of gravity.

Embark on a game with stunning graphics, offering a gameplay which is both simple and proven, whose pleasure is enhanced thanks to the many features of ManiaPlanet. TrackMania² is released as a must-have title for online arcade racing and Canyon, its first environment, promises you unparalleled sensations of speed on roads lined with cacti and vertiginous chasms. Canyon proposes to show your driving skills on tracks tailored for drifting, high speed, excessive jumps... Or all three at once!


Assistance and technical support



Section 1 – Before playing

  1. To be read before playing a video game
    1. Precautions to be taken
    2. Warning about epilepsy
  2. Installation and uninstallation procedure
    1. Minimum system requirements
    2. Installation
    3. Uninstallation
  3. Starting the game
  4. Configure
    1. Simple configuration
    2. Advanced configuration
    3. Help

Section 2 - ManiaPlanet

  1. Presentation of ManiaPlanet
  2. Creation of a ManiaPlanet account
    1. The navigator
    2. The Planets
    3. The inbox
    4. Settings

Section 3 - TrackMania² Canyon

  1. Welcome to TrackMania² Canyon
  2. Presentation of the menus
  3. Play solo
    1. The interface
    2. The medals
    3. Official Mode
  4. Local play
    1. In a local area network
    2. In the HotSeat
  5. Multiplayer
    1. The menu
    2. Connect to a server
    3. Create a server
    4. The game modes
  6. Editors
    1. Simple map editor
    2. Replay editor
    3. Paint editor
  7. Profile


Keyboard shortcuts


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