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Creation of a Title Pack

1. Where?

2. in the title menu, you can either "create a new pack", or update an existing one by clicking on it's name. (when you edit an existing one, the people that already unlocked a previous version by paying you planets will not have to do it again for the update)

3. at this point you can just put together some of your creations in a pack - like a vehicle, or tracks... (as before maniaplanet 2) you can set a pretty pack name, some description, the price. And you can define a link. This should be a link of a page describing the title and how to get it, as this is the link that will be given to the players when they don't have the title, or it is outdated.

Or you can also include title informations to create a title pack, by clicking on the title button.

The first time you clic on the title button, you'll be requested to enter the identifier of the title, which is used to make the unique identifier of the title (in the form title@yourlogin). you can't alter it once it's created.

4. At this point a form is diplayed to select the title creation infos.

as a general rules all fields are optional. Only fill in the ones you need to use.




Solo: Here you can create a simple/classic campaign, or you can further customise with a custom script. (caveat: it doesn't work in SM yet, although it should be possible to create like timeattack campaigns once I fix it)


..../My campaign/01-myfirst group/01-myfirstmap
..../My campaign/01-myfirst group/02-mysecondmap
..../My campaign/02-mysecond group/01-myfirstmap

point it to the ".../My campagin" folder. The maps and groups are sorted in alphabetical order of the file names, so prefixing with a number is a good idea..


5. You can also add extra contents in the pack, to make it available to the player when he is in the title. Clic on contents, an you'll see all data automatically included for the title description. You can clic on "add" to add extra contents. That's where, for instance, you can include playlists to make them available when creating a server, but not enforce to use them. or extra maps, and so on...

6. automatic inclusion of dependencies: If you add a playlist.txt, it will automatically include all the maps from it. And if you have custom data (mods, images, ...) in the maps they'll also be included. or if a map includes a MT that uses a image, they'll also be included. or if you add a script, all it's #include are included.

what's known *not* to work at this point: the dependencies of manialink pages the custom data in the maps that aren't in you "my documents" folder, but are downloaded in the cache.

7. credits People need to unlock the pack to use it. At this point you can either specify a number of planets to pay. (you can change it when you update the pack, people that already payed don't need to pay again, and the price isn't tied to a specific update) You can also generate one shot unlock keys to give the pack to specific people, in the player.maniaplanet.com page. (advanced/maniacredits)

caveat: Still missing is the UI to have multiple beneficiaries of the planets, and to depracted old revisions of the packs. As well as the audience statistics to know who installed your title, and so on.

Customize the visual of your Title Pack

The title cases and stations are built from a image and some logos.

There is also ManiaplanetTile.xml in the folder, which contains the data from the title form. You shouldn't modify it. however, advanced users can edit it to change data no exposed in the menu. But be carefull that the game overwrites it quite often while you're editing the pack in the menu and may not reload your changes. The best is to leave the edition of the title in the game when you want to edit this file.


Create a custom menu for your Title Pack

If you make a custom manilink for the menu, there are some specific actions available to redirect back to the usual menus.

"home" -> back to the title main menu "back" -> back to previous page "quit" -> to go exit the title and go back to the stations "menu_solo" -> enter a specific sub menu. "menu_local" "menu_internet" "menu_editors"



<label posn="-130 -80" halign="center" style="CardButtonMedium" text="Close" action="quit"/>

If you want to include data in the pack, you can put your files in "My Documents/Maniaplanet/Media/..." and then use the url:



to use it.

(note: Media/ is mandatory, you cannot put the files in an other root folder)

Caveat: as the automatic extration of data from manilink doesn't work yet, you also have to include explicitly the data in the pack.

Add data in a Title Pack

There's the simple but limited way:

just use the add button on the contents section of the pack editor, and pick a file you want to add. And to remove, unfortunately, the only way is to click "clear".. That will remove all the files you've added and you can add them all again.

And then there's the "fiddling with xml" way. Here is a snippet from the solitaire example I'm going to explain:


<file name="Media\Manialinks\PackSolitaire\index.xml" public="false" internal="false" />
<folder name="Media\Manialinks\PackSolitaire\skin\" public="false" internal="true" />

In the file section, there's the list of files that are manually added to the pack. (that what the "simple way" edits)

And there's the folders section which does the same but for all files in some subfolder. (and this isn't exposed at all in the pack editor UI)

There is a trap lying here: Your pack may work on your computer but not on someone's else, because you forgot to add some files to the pack, and the game still can find it on your computer. So you have to test it with someone else computer, or try to clear/rename your maniaplanet folder to test it.

And an other trap: if you edit the xml file, make sure you haven't the game editing this pack at the same time, or else it will not load your changes, and maybe overwrite them. (no need to quit the game, though, just select an other pack in the pack editor list while you make changes)

And also the game is not very good at coping with files moving around when it is launched. So if you have some files and folder reogranization to do, it's safer to quit the game while doing so.

Tutorial from Xbx

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