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Technical FAQ

You can find technical FAQ on the related wiki page.

Account support

The game said that my key is deactivated or that i'm not authorized to play my Maniaplanet Game

If you have bought one of our games recently through our official retailers Nexway (from official site) or the Ubisoft Shop, it's probably due to a payment issue so you have to contact their support to the following addresses :

I forgot my password

You can generate a new password ingame by using the "I forgot my password" button. You can also do it from the Player Page by cliking on the link "Forgot your password?" on this page:

I forgot my login

You must contact the Ubisoft Support and give them all relevant informations (gamekey, mail attached to the account, copy of the order, ...) to this adress: and look for your Maniaplanet game in the dropdown list.

I have forgotten or deleted my key, where i can retrieve it ?

To recover lost activation keys please contact your retailer, if you purchased through the ManiaPlanet site please contact them at If you continue to have a problem please contact the Ubisoft support at and submit a question to retrieve your lost activation key. You must include your account details and e-mail address attached to the account.

I have lost my validation code

Please refer to this page to generate a new validation code.

I want to redownload the ManiaPlanet client

Please refer to this page to redownload the ManiaPlanet client.

I want to report bad language or bad behavior in the game from a player, how can I do that?

While in game, if you suspect a player from any unauthorized behavior (cheating, bad language, etc), you can report him easily through in game:

Just check out the player nickname Click "Tab" to open the player listing and click on the little buddy icon next to his name

Tab liettle buddy icon.jpg

Then, click on report abuse and follow the procedure

Report abuse.jpg

The report will go to the server admin who will be able to handle the situation or to us if this is an official server.

We recommend you do not try to communicate with those people in anyway not to make the situation worse. You can refer to our charter to know what is considered good or bad:

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