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The menu to the left of the 'Play Solo' section allows you to play the solo campaign and choose the difficulty of the tracks on which you are able to play.

N.B.: If a track is locked with a padlock, you must meet the prerequisites in order to unlock it.

You generally need to complete the previous tracks.

The 'Browse' button allows you to play on a track that you have created or that you have downloaded from the ManiaLinks of players or from the sites created by the community. Click on 'Browse' and indicate the access path to the track, then click on the 'Play' button.

When you click on a map, the information available about the track selected is displayed to the right.

The maps are classified in alphabetical order. Click on the icon representing a file tree structure in order to change the display.

SkillPoints & Medals Ranking: this is your world rankings in solo mode. In order to take part in these rankings, you need to achieve times in official mode in order to earn SkillPoints and medals. The more a player obtains SkillPoints for each map of the official campaign, the more he/she climbs places in the rankings.

You are able to change the ranking (SkillPoints / Medals) by clicking on this tab.

List of the best players based on the menu (solo campaign), the type of ranking (SkillPoints / Medals) and the zone chosen.

You can choose a replay of one of your buddies as opponent or race with the best players of your zone and the world by displaying the players time. Choose the replay with the left button of the mouse and then click on "play".

The interface

En interface.png

  1. Medals: displays the time to beat in order to win the medal selected at the start of the race.
  2. Player’s time: displays the best time that you have achieved (displayed only if you have already achieved a time).
  3. Information: displays the name of the track and the name of its designer. By clicking on this zone, a tab with more detailed information appears.
  4. Your car: several views are available. Use the keys of the numeric keypad in order to change the camera (1, 2, 3 and 7).
  5. Track time: your current track time.
  6. Speed and distance: displays the car’s current speed and the distance travelled by the player since he/she started the race.

N.B.: each time before you set off, a 3-second countdown is launched in order to allow you to focus and prepare yourself. If, however, you are not ready, you are able to restart the race at any time by pressing the keys 'Backspace' and 'Delete'.

The controls:

In order to drive the TrackMania² Canyon car, you will only need 4 essential keys:

Up arrow ↑: accelerate.

Down arrow ↓: break / drift / reverse gear.

Left arrow ←: turn left.

Right arrow →: turn right.

In addition to the above, there are also the following keys: Enter: go back to the last CheckPoint.

Backspace: restart the race from the starting line.

Delete: restart the race from the starting line.

G: display the ghost of your best time.

S: save the current replay.

Escape: display the menu / pause the race / switch to official mode / settings.

The Escape menu allows you to:

N.B.: The controls may be defined at your convenience. You are therefore able to choose other keys in order to play.

The medals

Each map includes 4 reference times, each time associated with a medal: bronze, silver, gold and ‘the designer’s medal’. The time to beat for the first three medals is indicated in the track’s information window. In order to unlock a locked track, you need to have obtained certain medals from the previous track.

In order to win a medal, you need to choose the medal that you wish in normal mode (practice session) upon the loading of a map. The medals that you obtain in official mode allow you to obtain Planets and SkillPoints in order to take part in the dedicated ranking event.

Official Mode

When you access the solo mode, a stopwatch is set with a 5 minutes counting. When the counting is done, you can switch to the official mode and achieve a time by pressing the 'Backspace' or 'Delete' key in order to restart the race.

The time that you record in official mode is saved in ManiaPlanet and will be visible in the ranking corresponding to the map by the other players.

N.B.: Be careful, in official mode using the keys 'Backspace' and 'Delete' deletes your current attempt. Only the 'Enter' key allows you to continue your attempt by returning to the last CheckPoint passed. Otherwise, for an attempt you are only able to leave from the starting line once. When you return to the starting line, by starting again the race, you leave the official mode, and you have to wait 5 minutes in order to achieve another time.

The times recorded in official mode allow you to receive SkillPoints (SP), also called skill points. These SkillPoints do not depend on the medal times of the tracks, but on the official times of the other players. This is to say that in this ranking you need to beat the time of the other players. The number of SkillPoints that you are able to earn on the track is proportional to your ranking and to that of the other players.

When you have enough SkillPoints in order to be part of the 100 best players in your zone, you are propelled to the higher level. Depending on your performances in official mode and on your SkillPoints, you will be able to access the highest level zone in the world, where the best players are ranked.

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