Simple map editor (Storm)

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The Simple Map editor is really easy to use.

You can see the available blocks via the yellow folders located at the bottom of the screen. You also can choose the height of the blocks with the scroll-wheel.

If you want zoom or move the camera, you only need to press the ALT key + the scroll-wheel of the mouse or the left click depending of what you want to do.

Click on the placeholder at the upper left corner of the screen to change the maptype (it's Game Mode) between those which are available on your PC.

To can use your map online or in LAN, you must have your Map validated. First, be sure that it has all the element needed to work with the Game Mode. To do it you have to click on the icon at the bottom right of the screen (with the red flag, or green if your map is validated). You can click the Flag to see what's missing if it's red.

Now you can use your map and play it!

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