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At the very foundation of TrackMania, there are of course the maps created by the community of players, such as you. With this system of selecting and assembling the simplest blocks, the editor allows you to create countless different tracks.

N.B.: We have tried to calculate all the combinations of blocks... Unsuccessfully.

You are able to create a new track in a few minutes if you wish to do so, but you are just as easily able to edit an already existing track.

New track: allows you to create a new track.

Load a track: select a track that you have created or downloaded in order to edit it.

Select a track in one of the folders and then click on 'Edit'. By clicking on the track, you are able to see the name of the map, the designer’s nickname, the official time set, the graphics support (a high number indicating a large number of blocks on the map), the surroundings (dawn, day, dusk, night), a miniature representing a view of the map and the medals displayed on the map.

En mapeditor.png

  1. Quit
  2. Save
  3. Help
  4. Menu of the terraforming blocks: flat ground, mountains and canyon are the three possible types of ground.
  5. Menu of the road blocks and scenery (visual above): with more than 250 blocks, this menu allows you to manually choose the blocks to assemble. The assembling is done by a simple system of 'click to select, click to drop'. The blocks can be rotated in the four cardinal directions. Colourful visual aids distinguish the blocks which are compatible. Try several combinations, you will soon understand what the possibilities are.
  6. Paint tool: allows you to paint and modify the appearance of certain blocks such as the posters.
  7. Eraser tool: allows you to erase the blocks.
  8. Return tool: allows you to delete the last modification made to the track.
  9. Re-creation tool: allows you to return to the previous state of using the return tool (8).
  10. Pipette tool: allows you to copy a visible block.
  11. Copy/paste tool: allows you to select several visible blocks in order to move them somewhere else. Also allows you to save the selection and thus create a macroblock, easily reusable.
  12. Free camera tool: allows you to view the track from several angles and at various distances by using the mouse. Right-click and keep down in order to change the angle in relation to the ground, the left button in order to move around and the scroll wheel to zoom in / zoom out.
  13. Underground mode: displays the underground features, allowing you to put down tunnel blocks (see Menu of the blocks (5)).
  14. Advanced customisation tool: allows you to define various information relating to the track. The categories are self-explanatory.
  15. MediaTracker tool (cf. 7.2): allows you to choose camera angles as well as several visual effects. These effects may be added before, during or after the race.
  16. Driving test mode: allows you to place the car at a specific location of the track and switch to race mode so as to test a specific part of the track.
  17. Validation mode of a track: allows you to check whether a track may be completed, by driving from the starting block to the finishing block, not to mention the CheckPoint.

The Map editor, a tutorial of the first steps

Objective n° 1: move the camera: Keep the 'alt' key down for any movement. So as to move around in the construction zone, keep the right mouse button down in order to rotate vertically or horizontally. Keeping the left mouse button down allows you to move around normally. The mouse’s scroll wheel allows you to zoom in to or zoom out of the map.

Objective n° 2: add a starting block

Choose the location where you wish to start your track by using the controls explained above and then click on Menu of the road blocks and scenery (5), then on box number 2, then on box number 1. Then select the starting block (box 2), and place it with a left click of the mouse.

Objective n° 3: add a road and complete the first track

Click on box 2:1:1 as in the above illustration with your mouse and place your road block at the end of your starting block. Once you have done this, you will be able to extend this road in the desired direction. You are also able to add bends in order to make the race more dynamic. Lastly, select the finishing block (box 2:1:4) that you will add to the end of your road. Your first and very basic track is created. Now all you need to do is validate the track.

Objective n° 4: validate and save the track

Click on the validation mode (17) in order to play and validate your track. For a track to be validated, it must be able to be completed, passing through all the CheckPoints until the finishing line. Based on this simple principle, you are easily able to build very entertaining tracks. You will soon see that there are a multitude of possibilities with the 250 blocks and those that you have forgotten to count.

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