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The profile menu allows you to access your account information, profile information, as well as certain game settings such as the skin of your car or the controls.


  1. Vehicles or Models: allows you to access your garage and choose which skin you wish to use in the game.
  2. Inputs: allows you to modify the controls for the different devices (keyboard, mouse, joystick, steering wheel). You can change the player inputs and the general inputs.
  3. Statistics: allows you to display your account’s statistics, among which are the most played tracks or maps, the total game time, the time spent on the map editor, the number of times that you have restarted a track or map, etc.
  4. Advanced: allows you to access your profile’s advanced settings including the display of the avatars, the display of the custom 3D models, the display of the chat, etc.
  5. Player page: this page contains additional information about your profile, also available from the site:
  6. Enter a key: you can enter a new game key in here when you have purchased a new Maniaplanet game or got a key for a new Beta phase.
  7. Nickname: in order to change your nickname, please enter it in the field provided for this purpose. Check the end of the page to know more about nickname customization.
  8. Avatar: click on your avatar to change the image that will be displayed near your name
  9. Horn: click ont he horn to choose how you can make noise in game to indicate your presence
  10. Location: you are able to change your location by clicking on the icon of your city / region / country. However, be careful since changing location has a number limit and requires a cost in Planets.
  11. Team/Club: add the link to your team here for people to go to it when clicking on your name. You can also create a team from here.
  12. Description: Add any description you want to add to your account.
  13. Account: you are able to change your account information (email) and add a description in this tab. By clicking on the 'Receive emails about NADEO games' button, you are agreeing to receive information about the different titles from NADEO.
  14. Groups: You are able to create your own group of friends or subscribe to a group. Each group has a specific ranking which may directly be displayed in solo mode. In order to create a group, click on the 'Add' button, then on the 'Create' button. Next fill in the required fields. In order to join a group, enter the login and password of the group that you wish to join.

Nickname customization

N.B.: It is possible to add colour to nicknames by using the 3-character hexadecimal code of the desired colour, preceded by the '$' sign. For example, $08FNadeo, in order to write Nadeo in blue. Another example, $o$t$08FNadeo will give NADEO (that is to say Nadeo in bold, in capitals and in blue).

Use the following characters: $000 to $fff

The colour codes are the 3 numbers after the $ and have 16 values 0 to f (0123456789abcdef).
The first character is the red colour pallet . The second one is the green one and the third the blue one.
Here are some examples of colours:

$000: black
$f00: red
$0f0: green
$00f: blue
$f80: orange
$ff0: yellow
$f0f: pink
$0ff: light blue
$888: grey
$fff: white

Board of the main colours:

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