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You can access your Player Page from‎

Just insert your account username and password to access your info.



Here is the player page interface explained:


  1. Explore the various Maniaplanet games and buy them, go to your account page, check out the news, the forum or the wiki.
  2. Home: Go back to the home page of the player page with News Feed
  3. Play Online: you can see your list of games here and directly join or spectate your favorite servers
  4. Community:
  5. Account:
  6. Advanced:
  7. Buddies list:
  8. Your account name:
  9. Official News feed
  10. Send a message to all your buddies
  11. Official News feed linking to the Maniaplanet Blog.

Play Online

You can see the list of your games and a link to your favorites servers.


Once you've chosen a game, you can access the list of servers and choose to join a server as a player or spectate one of them. you can also add it to your favorites and see where are playing your buddies live to join them!

You can see for each server how many players are in, which is the next map coming up, if you have an adequate level to join the server (green square) or if the level might be too challenging (red triangle).



You can access the following items in the Community section:



You can find your Manialinks that have been bookmarked. Those 4 are bookmarked by default.

ManiaLoto lets you play once a day to small games to earn planets.
Maniaplanet News talks about all the game news posted on the Maniaplanet blog.
Maniaplanet Store brings you to the official list of games from Maniaplanet.
Maniaplanet Tips gives you some advice and little tips about the game and the game and interface.

You can add some others from your friends.

You can find more info on the Manialinks in another section.



It'll bring you to your Buddies page (see below)


Depending on the game you choose, you can see:

- your campaign ranking compared to your friends with your world rank and medals.
- your solo ranking compared to your friends with your world rank and skill points.
- your multiplayer ranking compared to your friends with your world rank and ladder points.



Here you can vote for players that you like. Each day, you can vote for up to 5 players. Each day, the votes are recorded and stars given to those players from 0 to 5 stars. Cast your vote on your friends now!


Then, it'll show in the game as such:



From here, you can administrate your own competitions and register a new one. You can browse the current ongoing competitions in game.

For now, they are available for Joust and Elite mode in ShootMania Storm only and for TrackMania2 Canyon.

You can find out more about how to use the Competition Manager in a dedicated article.



You can create your own team, invite some players to it and then participate to competitions! A Team is a group of players dedicated to one game. A team can create a standard competition, just not an official one.

You can find more info on how to create a team in this article.



You can register the maps you have created in here. They will appear in your list of maps. You can see stats of which competition used it. When registering, you can just add the link to the ManiaExchange.



You can access the following items in the Account section:


Here you can decide not to be found by people looking for you in game (to add to their buddy list for example)



On this page, you can download the differents installers of the titles that you own.


Validation code

This page won't give you your code but allow you to get a new one.

The validation code is usually a 5 characters code which has been send you by mail when you have created your ManiaPlanet account.

It's very important to keep it secret but also to not erase it. It will allow you to make significants changes to you account that you wouldn't that others players could do if they knew your password. The most common example is the shipment and disbursement of Planets.

It's also very useful when you want buy some stuff like avatars, skins or maps for example in ManiaPlanet. If you have lost your validation code, it's always possible to generate a new one from your Player Page on the dedicated page:



Here you can manage the third-party applications you might want to add to your Maniaplanet system thanks to ManiaConnect.

To find more technical details about ManiaConnect, go here.



Here you can create your own organization. It'll cost you some Planets. An Organization is a group of players (in ManiaPlanet in general) who can create official competitions and create Ingame tags.
Organizations cannot participate in any standard or official competitions. Organizations are more targeted to structures such as ESL, Alienware, ESWC, etc...



Here you can check your received Tags from your team or organization.

You can also create you own tag to share with your team or organization. It'll cost you some Planets.


Player keys

You can associate your various Maniaplanet keys to your account here. Either add a new one or re-enter you has already so it is linked to your account.


Optional updates

You can choose to receive the optionnal updates if existing.



You can access the following items in the Advanced section:

Dedicated Servers

You can create logins for your servers in this page by chosing a login, a password and the area where you want to see the server.


Ladder servers

You can obtain here a ranked server for a login of your choice. You can also see the rules and the price in Planets. You'll need your validation code too.


Trust Circles

Here you can join or create a trust circle so you can add a whitelist or blackllist system to your server. Click here for more info about Trust Circles.



To add a ManiaLink in ManiaPlanet and so to have a short address, you must first upload your ManiaLink to a FTP (webserver) with a direct link. Then rendezvous on and connect you with your ingame credentials. Then go to the "Advanced" menu and "Manialinks" option.


The things to know before registering a Manialink:

You can make the access of a page reachable for Planets. It's also possible to share the amount of Planets between several people. This amount and its distribution will be visibleto every players desire access to the page.


Maniacredits is a system designed for data authors

Since it is a new feature, and it needs to be well tested, it will be the only way to share car model during the first betas, at least. Once the system is ready, we will be able to make the other way of sharing datas, like the ones before, avaible.

Maniacredits gives to the player the ability to generate keys, like Nadeo does, for their creations. It also allow them to embeed in the data the price in planets of it. Many things are possible today or will be possible in the future thanks to this: -Distribute the data from any sharing website and still have planets from it -Update your data and keep the same key to use it -Give the data to the players you want while asking planets from others -Have centralized statistics about the sales of your data -Award a competition with an exclusive data or provide an exclusive skin to your team


Web Services

Maniaplanet Web Services is the public API that everyone can use to retrieve various information about the game, the players, the rankings, etc. You can use that API to build all sorts of applications.

We also release an open-source PHP SDK for easy integration in your applications.

Find out more in the dedicated forums.



You can access your all buddies list from the top bar on the right side, by clicking "view all".


Once in the buddies section, you can review your buddies, add some new friends, find some buddies (you can look them up with their username info) and add some buddies slots if you ran out of space (for some Planets)..

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