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Play online mode allows you to take part in the world ranking of players. For each race in which you take part in this game mode, provided that the race is in ladder format, you win LadderPoints (LP) which result in you climbing places. The score allocated to each player is determined based on the results of the race and on the level of players taking part in it.

At the end of a game, the scores window appears. It displays the LadderPoints added to each player’s ranking.

N.B.: The rankings are accessible on the first page of the 'Play online' menu.


The menu

  1. Browse servers: displays all the online servers.
  2. Favourites: displays the servers that you have put in your favourites. In order to put a server in your favourites, press the 'Escape' key and click on 'Add the server to favourites'.
  3. Rankings: displays the rankings of the players according to their zone.
  4. Create: allows you to create an online game server (cf. 3. Create a server).

Connect to a server

In order to connect to a server, you need to click on the name of a server from the different lists proposed ('Suggested', 'Favourites' and 'All').

When you click on a server, a window appears with information about this server, such as the maps proposed, the game mode selected, the time limit or the players present.

Create a server

In order to create a server, click on (5) 'Create in the menu. If you have already created an online multi-player server and you have saved its settings, you are able to load this server’s settings by clicking on 'Load settings' in the left menu.

In the 'Server settings' window, you are able to define your server by indicating a name, a note, a maximum number of players, the game mode, etc. You are able to modify the server’s advanced options by clicking on 'Advanced'. These options notably allow you to specify a password for the server, a warming up time or a ladder ranking limit for competing.

Once the settings have been established, click on 'Start' in order to choose the maps available on your server. When your maps are selected, you are able to save the settings by clicking on 'Save settings' in the left menu in order to use these settings upon creating a new server. Lastly, click on 'Play' in order to start the server.

N.B.: Be careful, if your computer uses a router, your server may not be visible to the other players. Refer to your router’s user manual in order to open access to your computer.

The game modes

The different game modes are :

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