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ManiaHome is the social center for all players in ManiaPlanet®. There are plenty of things you can do, like send messages to friends, access your favorite servers right off the bat, join your friends on the servers they play on, and read the latest ManiaPlanet forum topics!


Welcome Page

When you land on ManiaPlanet, you are shown this interface. Here is the interface explanation:


  1. Switch from Maniahome to Game Stations
  2. Access ManiaHome where you can browse through Manialinks, bookmarks some, see your games and publish news and content to your friends
  3. Browse through latest ManiaLinks pages
  4. The ManiaPlanet address bar allows you to visit a ManiaLink. You will need to know the page name you are looking for to find something. You can try out "store", "games", "tetris" (player made)
  5. Live chat with your friends and join them on the servers! You can see their status and where they are currently playing.
  6. Access to your message box.
  7. Your current total Planets.
  8. Control the overall volume of the game and the volume of game effects.
  9. The time.
  10. Change game settings like the resolution, graphics options, and launch a stream on
  11. This is a station, a spot that allows you to load and run a Title Pack in another game created by Nadeo (i.e., TrackMania² Canyon and ShootMania®: Storm), or created by other players. Title Packs are composed of exclusive game modes, 3D objects, unique textures, and templates. If you click on an empty station, ManiaPlanet will offer a selection of titles available on your computer.
  12. Switch your game from full screen to windowed screen and vice versa
  13. Advanced menu of stations. Change the layout of stations as well as their size. You can also add new stations by buying some with your planets.


Game Collection

If you click on the top of the blue sky interface, hold your mouse and bring it down, you'll go to the game collection window. You can go back down to your game stations by the same manipulation.


From here, you can see all the current official Titlepacks available, released by Nadeo, from a full game such as Storm to a specific game mode, such as COMBO. If you click on one, you can see if you already own it or where to go if you want to acquire it.

ManiaHome within a Title

Your ManiaHome feed appears once you enter a title. This flow is used to read the friend interactions such as adding a new friend, a new record on a map, or adding a server to favorites, as well as keep tabs on the messages that they leave.


Here is what you can access on this page:

  1. Latest official news feed including events, new content.
  2. Access to multiplayer to play online
  3. News feed in text form: List of official updates as well as your friends activity and messages. You can sort them by latest or unread.
  4. Link to the Maniaplanet forums:‎
  5. Send a message to all your friends. It will appear in their News feed.
  6. Access to the game in Local Play, to set up a LAN in your garage for example without an Internet connection.
  7. Access to Editors (Map editor, Replay Editor)
  8. Access to your Profile
  9. View more News Feed
  10. Open splash screen again

Real Time Chat

Chat live with your friends by clicking on their name when they are online and join them on the servers they play. In addition, it’s possible to specify your status: Online, Busy, or Away. In Busy mode, notifications will not be displayed. To change your status, click on the LED next to the status text. You can also change the text of the status by clicking on it. Your friend icon will shine when friends are playing online. You can add buddies directly in there if you know their login info. If you want to find buddies, you'll go to your Player Page.


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