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Mania Exchange (also known as MX) is a community website dedicated to map sharing. You can upload your creations and download the creations of thousands of different players from the ManiaPlanet community. The site is free to use with optional donations to help cover server costs. Several members of the community currently operate the site in their spare time, free of charge.

Mania Exchange has no affiliation with Nadeo or Ubisoft. The site is community-driven.



ManiaExchange frontpage
Frontpage look of ManiaExchange

Mania Exchange has many key features.


The homepage provides visitors with the latest news about Mania Exchange, multiple map lists (Latest Maps, Recently Awarded and Best of the Week), recent blog entries and the top 10 users of each environment leaderboard.

Find Tracks

A search engine tailored to finding many varieties of maps with simple and advanced options. Quick searches are also provided that allow your searches to be narrowed down at the click of a button.


The leaderboards provide detailed statistics of users who are actively submitting replays on maps. Search options are provided that allow users to change the way scores are represented: environment-specific or all environments, as well as options that change which scores are represented. Score options include: total replays, world records, top 10 and score.


This is the key feature of Mania Exchange and the reason it exists: a place to upload your mapping creations. After uploading your map, you can add some information about the map and, if you have one, a screenshot. The information you specify gives the player a rough indication of your track, so choose it carefully! Finally you can add a comment to your map, in which you can thank people or give a little more information about the map.


On this page you can check your account, blog, messages, maps and maps you've downloaded. This page also gives you the possibility to edit your settings and information.


A very active part of the Mania Exchange experience takes place in the forum. This is the place to talk about building maps, but also about the site and other stuff concerning ManiaPlanet and its games.

Site Help

These pages gives information about Mania Exchange and gives you the possibility to get help from a Mania Exchange team member. It also provides documentation for the Mania Exchange API, which benefit community developers.


Provides a list of registered users with search options to help find friends or favourite authors. A list of Mania Exchange team members can also be found here. For users who are logged in, a list of currently active (online) users is also accessible.

Site Stats

Mania Exchange provides users with statistical information represented in graphical or text form. Data represented ranges from upload statistics to download statistics.


During early development stages of Mania Exchange, the website was originally developed using the ASP.NET Web form model. However it made an immediate move to the ASP.NET MVC 3 Framework several months into active development. The site is currently written in C# with an SQL Server 2008 R2 back-end.

Open Source

Mania Exchange is currently closed-source (property of Forzyy and associated developers) and will not open-source any of its core libraries or functionality.


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