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Party play mode allows you to join or host a game on a LAN (local area network) server or play with several people on a single computer.


In a local area network

In order to create or join a game with a LAN server, choose 'Party play' from the main menu, then 'On a local area network'.

Create a server: click on 'Create' in order to create a server. A new window opens up allowing you to specify the name of the server and the settings such as the maximum number of players, or the game mode.

The different game modes:

N.B.: Some servers offer a warming up time in order to familiarise yourself with the maps.

Join a game: you need to select a server from the list offered and then connect to it.

In a local area network and in online game mode, two new interface features appear:

  1. Chat: press the 'Space' key in order to type a message, then 'Enter' in order to send this message.
  2. Server ranking: this zone displays the ranking in real time of the players on the server.

In HotSeat

The HotSeat allows several players to play in turn on the same computer. Two game modes are available:

Time: each player has a time limit in order to record the best time on the map. Each player must firstly record a first time. The player having recorded the worst time must improve his/her performance until he/she beats another player. If he/she does not beat another player, he/she is eliminated at the end of the allotted time.

If eight players are selected, they must record a time in turn. On the left of the screen, an hourglass is displayed for each player. Each player’s time bar diminishes when the player plays until his/her elimination, if he/she has no more time.

The round ends when there is only one player in the event who still has time left in order to compete.

Attempts: just like in the ‘against the clock’ mode, the player who records the best time on the track wins the game except that the time bar is replaced by an attempt bar. Each player therefore has a limited number of attempts in order to record a better time than the other players. This number of attempts is specified when the game is created.

At the start of a race in Attempts mode, each player records one lap. The player with the worst time must attempt to beat the time of the other players with the attempts limit which has been set to him/her. The last player left in the race wins the game.

Create a Hotseat game:

Split Screen

In this menu you can play up to 4 on the same computer. You can choose the way where the screen is divided for the players (only for the two-players mode).

The players are free to use the gamepads plugged on the computer and the keyboard.

Ingame the mode works like the Round mode for the point counting.

Local Network

To know more about the Local Network mode, please go to the dedicated wiki page.

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