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In that menu you can create a local server ingame as long as you stay on the server (if you host it).

You can create a local server by going into the Local Play menu and clicking into the “Create” button.

Stadium lan create.jpg

Click on the "Game mode" textfield to change the game mode.

If you click on the advanced button, you’ll see several new options, the most important fields are the passwords if you want restrain the access.

Then you have to choose the maps to run on the server between the default ones and your self-made or downloaded maps.

Stadium lan create maplist.jpg

On this screen you can choose between a pre-made a maplist, the official maps included with the Title, your maps (created by you) or the maps that you've have downloaded on Internet.

If you choose to select yourself the maps instead of using one of the playlist, you'll find a menu like this:

Stadium lan create mapchoose.jpg

You only need to click once on the maps that you want to run on your local server.

And then click on "Play" to launch the server!

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