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XML language adapted to the TrackMania game, allowing players to develop interactive pages within the game, in the manner of a website. These pages may notably promote 3D models, skins, tracks and sounds. Address which directs you to an interactive page available in the TrackMania game. These addresses are similar to the URLs of websites.


Scripting language allowing you to execute a function within the game, from a ManiaLink. For example, you are able to go to a page created by a player, and click on a link in order to purchase a track with Planets. This link in ManiaCode is interpreted by the game in order to transfer the track to the purchaser, in exchange for a certain number of Planets.


Programming language allowing you to create your own game modes and your own rules of confrontation between the players.


Tool for managing advertising campaigns within the game, for the promotion of the ManiaLinks. Allows you to display banners of different sizes on different pages of the menu, indeed even within the game itself. These banners may be rented out thanks to an auction system and a payment in Planets.


Graphics design of a 3D model. This is the paint applied to the model, and may be made up of different shades of colour, ranging from the matte appearance to the chrome appearance, including stickers and motifs. Can be produced via the game’s Painter.


Corresponds to a track created via the map editor. A map is created in an environment, by selecting a mood (setting: dawn / day / sunset / night) and includes at least a starting block and a finishing block.


This is the official currency of TrackMania. At each connection, the player wins Planets. He/she is also able to receive them by winning races in the official campaign (whilst winning medals), by taking part in championships or by selling content thanks to the ManiaLinks and ManiaCodes.


Information page relating to the player and his/her friends, notably allowing him/her to connect to an official server.

CheckPoint (CP)

Block through which the player must pass during a race. If a player misses a CheckPoint, he/she is unable to finish the race. If a player has an accident (if he/she ends up upside down, or is off the track), he/she may at any time return to the last CheckPoint by pressing the Enter key on the keyboard.

SkillPoints (SP)

Players’ world rankings based on their time in the official race on a map. The number of SkillPoints is proportional to the rank of the player in the rankings.

LadderPoints (LP) When the player is on an online server and this server is connected to the LadderPoints rankings, if he/she is one of the best players in the rankings for each race, he/she climbs some places in the dedicated world rankings.

MediaTracker (MT)

Image and video capture tool, allowing you to retrieve and modify replays by adding or removing the ghost, cameras and visual effects. Also useful when creating maps in order to create visual effects and adding ghosts to the map.


Records all of the action carried out on a track. The replays are able to be viewed and modified in MediaTracker. The replays consist of pre-positioned cameras and the ghost of each of the vehicles present on the map.


Records the route taken by the player’s vehicle and the visual effects associated with the collision type, skids (black marks and fumes) and mass transfer on the shock absorbers.


Tool allowing you to create 2D skins within the game. Allows you to modify the graphical appearance of a 3D model by changing its colour and by adding stickers or motifs.


During a jump, it is possible to act on the car’s performance by pressing the different direction keys. For example, it is possible to spin the car round and round, or otherwise to prevent it from turning in one direction.


Yellow or red in colour, the booster blocks allow players to win a very high speed bonus during a set time.


When a player has an accident or when he/she is no longer able to continue the race due to a problem with trajectory, he/she is able to return to the last CheckPoint by pressing the Enter key, or directly at the start of the race by pressing the Backspace key (only in certain game modes).


Texture package allowing you to redecorate an environment without affecting the game’s features (blocks, gameplay).


Game mode allowing you to split the screen into several sub-screens and play with several people on a single computer.


Drifting ability allowing you to take bends without having to slow down consistently. In order to drift, you need to slam on the brakes, whilst pressing a direction key (right or left).

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