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Minimum system requirements

Download & Install

If you have not acquired one of the Maniaplanet games already, go to From there, you can see the current offers, beta phases and prices for all our games.

You'll then be prompted to choose where to download your client from or where to buy your game.

Install ManiaPlanet by double-clicking on the game's executable that you have downloaded. The setup launcher will extract itself during a short time leading to a pop up window, allowing you to choose your language. In order to process the install, you can choose an automatic or a custom install (if you prefer to specifiy the folders where the game and your personal data are installed). You can create a shortcut on your desktop, and also in the start menu. After reviewing your installation choices, the setup will complete its installation.

Then launch the game by clicking play.


You can create your account once in there.

Once your account is created, you can manage all your info from your player page:‎

Make sure to keep your validation code safe as you'll be asked for it if you need to do major changes to your account info.

First launch

When launching your game for the first time, ManiaPlant may ask you to download the latest updates, which should be installed if needed. A new box pops up for the 'Network check', you only have to click 'Ok' and the game starts.

You will see the ManiaPlanet Launcher. The Launcher allows you to access various advanced settings, and also to find your personal data folders in case you can not locate them.

Click on the Play button to start playing. Launcher.jpg

Within the game, you have to create an account if it is your first time in ManiaPlanet. If not, use your previous account to keep your game information.

1. Click "Create an account" and then choose your login and password.
2. Select where you are you from. This information helps locating the best servers, and rank you with people from your region.
3. Enter a valid email. Make sure the email address is accurate. This is where you will receive a recap email with your account information, and it will be the email used in case you need to retreive your account information. Make sure to copy your account information and keep them safe.
4.Read and accept the terms and conditions (EULA).
5.Enter your game key to access the title you own.
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