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The ShootMania Storm Title Pack, some of the various ShootMania game mode stations.
Below you will find an introduction to some of the various game modes that you can play in ShootMania Storm. Please note that the following is only a brief overview of the mechanics of each mode - times, points to win, and other parameters are subject to change based on server or event rules.


Popular Game Modes


Elite is the team based (3 vs. 3) competitive game mode. Teams switch between "Attack" and "Defending" Rounds:

To win a round, the attacking player must eliminate the three opposing defenders or capture the pole on the map once it becomes active [approximately 45 seconds into a round]. Once the pole becomes active, the attacking player has 15 seconds to capture it. Defenders must eliminate or prevent the attacker from capturing the pole in order to win the round.

Teams exchange roles at the end of each round. Please note that time before the pole becomes active, how long the attacking player has to capture the pole, and the amount of points needed to win a match vary based on event or server rules.

Introduction about ShootMania Elite


Royal is the survival, free-for-all mode where the goal is to be the last player alive at the end of the round. There are three ways to score points during a round:

Capturing the pool at the center of the map activates the Off-zone, a storm like environmental effect that will eliminate players on contact. This forces all players towards the middle of the map until only one player remains and the round ends.

Tips and tricks for ShootMania Royal


Joust is a versus mode [typically 1v1] where both teams are equipped with Rocket Launchers. Players begin each round with no ammunition; they must go to one of the poles on the map to charge their weapons. The goal is to hit your opponents and score points in order to win the round. If you run out of ammunition, you must go to one of the poles to recharge. However, you must use a different pole than the last one you used in order to recharge your weapon.


Combo is the newest official game mode in ShootMania Storm, featuring new weapons and the ability to switch items. Combo is primarily a 2 vs 2 mode, where the goal is to eliminate both opponents within a certain time frame in order to win the round. The time required to eliminate both opponents is determined by the difference of points between the two teams during the round.

You earn points by eliminating your opponents.

Storm Title Modes


Melee is a classic game mode typical of first-person shooters. It’s a Free-for-All (FFA) mode where the goal is to be the first to reach the point limit by eliminating your opponents.


Battle is a mode where one team must capture the poles of the opposing team to win a round. Simply place yourself on the pole to begin capturing!

Tips and tricks for Battle


BattleWave is a variant of Battle, where one of the teams has a limited time to capture the opposing pole. It is possible to attack as long as a team member manages to capture, even partially, an opposing pole. However, after X number of seconds without attempting to capture, the other team will go into attack mode and your team must advance on the opposing team until the timer reaches zero and you can attack.


This is a team mode (X vs. X) where the objective is for the attacking team to capture the maximum number of poles from the opposing team during the round by capturing the pole or by eliminating defenders. All defenders respawn at the same time near the next pole. A round ends when all attackers are eliminated or they have captured all poles. In this mode, it’s possible to choose between two weapons, depending on your side:

You can choose your weapon at the beginning of the round but you can only make changes at the beginning of the next round. The number of Armor is managed as follows:

Time Attack

Time Attack is similar to the TrackMania™ model, where the goal is to succeed in reaching the pole position on the map in a minimum time. It’s not possible to eliminate opposing players in this mode.


Heroes is a game mode (5 vs. 5) organized as follows:

A single player from the team has the Nucleus. The attacking team must try to capture one of the poles of the map between 45 and 60 seconds; however, the player with the Nucleus is also capable of capturing poles.

Experimental Modes

Royal Experimental (exp)

Royal Experimental (Royal Exp) is an evolving mode that allows you to test possible changes for ShootMania Storm. Currently a experience system is being tested. Royal Exp has the same objective as Royal, but you gain experience by capturing the pole, staying alive, and eliminating enemies. Once level up, you can assign the points into abilities like reload speed, amount of ammo, and Armor points.

Information is stored on the server, which means that if you leave the server and come back, you won’t lose your progress.

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