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On which plateform TrackMania² Canyon is available

TrackMania² Canyon is available exclusively on PC.

What's the system requirements of TrackMania² Canyon

I want redownload the ManiaPlanet client

If you want to redownload the ManiaPlanet client, go to your Player Page and click on "Account" then on "Downloads". You only need to click on the "TrackMania² Canyon" button on the page.

I have lost my validation code

Please refer to this page to generate a new validation code.

I need support about my account

Please go to the wiki page dedicated to the account.


How to configure your firewall for use with ManiaPlanet

A software firewall is an application installed on the computer or provided by the Operating System that actively blocks communication between the computer and the internet. ManiaPlanet/TrackMania² Canyon requires TCP ports 80 & 443. Important note: Modifying your firewall settings may reduce the security of the computer it affects. Most of the dedicated servers use ports in the 2350-2450 and 3450-3550 range, for both TCP and UDP.

Here is the exact information:

TCP points to, used to test Internet connectivity

Why do I have some difference time when i touch a command and the reaction ingame (i.e lag)?

The primary cause of lag is to play on a server which is located very far of your location (for example you try to play in France on a server located in China). You will usually notice lag when you try to turn right or left and you have one second or more between your action and the result on screen, it's also visible when you see your car which . Another cause of lag is high latency.

Network card issues.

There are several drivers that, if out-of-date, could cause issues for broadband users. If you need more help in locating drivers for your hardware or finding the settings listed, please contact the hardware manufacturer or a qualified technician.

Configure your Firewall and/or Router

Firewalls and routers are designed specifically to control your computer's incoming and outgoing connections. You may need to set up these security features to allow access to the game servers. If these are not set up correctly, the firewall or router may prevent you from connecting to TrackMania² Canyon. Simplifying your connection (temporarily removing your router, for example) may reveal the source of the problem.

Testing your Connection and Performing a Trace Route

Running a Trace Route will track each step of your internet connection to TrackMania² Canyon, and can help identify if and where connection problems may be occurring. Please see this page for instructions on doing a Trace Route test

A dialog box indicates that the file D3D9.dll can not be found

If the file D3D9.dll is missing, you need to install Microsoft DirectX version 9.0c or higher.

You can download it from Microsoft's official website: (click Get the Latest DirectX Here).

The game crashes when I move the mouse

In the launcher, click Configuration > Advanced > Compatibility and check Emulate cursor. Click OK twice and Save. When the cursor is emulated, its reaction time will be slightly slower.

The game has display problems

Always get the latest drivers of your graphics card from the manufacturer’s web site. Compatibility and performance issue are regularly corrected.

Manufacturer Websites

Laptops can cause problems since most graphic chips manufacturers (including ATI and nVidia) don't support them in their drivers. Laptops often use proprietary drivers (supported by the assembler, but rarely updated). For ATI cards, you can try to download the OMEGA drivers at Some other, more complex manipulations can help: disable Fastwrite in the advanced properties of your card, reduce AGP aperture to 64 Mo, set AGP to 4X. Some display problems are linked to advanced functions (shadows, reflections...) that you can disable in the game's launcher.

The display is very slow

The display speed depends mostly on the display options that can be reduced to gain performance.

From the launcher, click Configuration to access the display setting dialog box. Try to reduce the resolution. The full screen mode is usually faster than the windowed. Set the graphical quality to « Best performance ».

For even more performance, you can set the graphical quality to « Custom » to access advanced display configuration. The minimum settings are: Shader quality == PC0, Texture quality == Low, Antialiasing == None, MaxFiltering == Bilinear, Shadows == None.

In the game settings, you can lower the quality of the opponents. The sound may also cause lag on some machines (set in the audio settings).

I have a 0xc150002 error code at launch

You have to download and install the latest Visual C++ Redistributable Package

I have another technical issue with one of the ManiaPlanet titles

Please contact the Ubisoft Support at the following address:
If for any reason you do not find the answer to your question, you can click on the Ask a question link in the FAQ to send them an email, ensuring that they get all the important information on your system and your problem so they can answer correctly the first time.


I registered for the Beta on the official site but didn’t receive my key. Why have other people received their key?

That’s normal, we sent the invites chronologically from the time players registered for the Beta. Several waves of invitations will be sent through the coming days/weeks.

Apparently I received a key valid for only 7 days. Does this mean the beta last 7 days and that the game will release after? Am I able to extend this period?

The key that you’ve received is valid for 7 days from the day you use it, you have until 31th July to use it or it will be deactivated. The Beta will last more than 7 days but we wish that every player registered to the Beta have the opportunity to test ShootMania Storm.

To extend the access to the Beta, you can preorder the game to get an unlimited and permanent access to the Beta.

The key has an expiration date?

You can use your key until the 31th July.

Where can I download ShootMania Storm?

A unique download link will be sent to you by GamesPlanet, use the promotional code given to you by email on the website:

I can’t buy the game/beta access on the GamesPlanet shop.

Maybe you're on the Beta pass website, please go on this this link

My Alpha login doesn’t work with the Beta!

For the Alpha we used a masterserver different from the one use for the regular ManiaPlanet players (playing on TrackMania² Canyon). With the launch of the Beta we have decided to bring the TrackMania and ShootMania players together and to use the regular masterserver.

If you don’t have a ManiaPlanet account, please create a new one to be able to play (which will be used for all the ManiaPlanet titles).

I don’t have access to the ShootMania Storm or the Titles Pack Joust, Elite & Heroes!

If you have a TrackMania² Canyon account, you only need to add the key through the Player Page: (“Account” -> “Player keys”). You’ll have the possibility to load ShootMania Storm in one of your stations at the next launch of ManiaPlanet.

Once you’ve download ShootMania Storm, if the Joust & Elite titles are not present in the titles list, you only need to restart ManiaPlanet to make them appear. Then you can load Joust or/and Elite in a station.

What are the official game modes in ShootMania Storm?

Actually there are 8 officials modes developed by Nadeo for ShootMania Storm:

Yet several game modes have already be created by the community!

What’s a station?

A station is the place where you can load a Title (like Joust, Elite and/or Heroes) but can be many things like a graphic mod, a campaign (collection of maps), a minigame created with the ManiaScript and more.

You can unload a station by pressing the “Del” key on a station but note that you can’t unload a major station like TrackMania² Canyon and ShootMania Storm. The working is like a DVD drive :)

Do i have to paid to get Joust, Elite and Heroes modes?

These modes are delivered for free with ShootMania Storm. Once you have access to ShootMania Storm, you’ll find the Titles in the carrousel (by pressing the “Page Up” key in ManiaPlanet, you’ll maybe have to restart ManiaPlanet to display them if you have registered a ShootMania Storm key ingame).

How can I create a dedicated server for ShootMania Storm (or TrackMania² Canyon) ?

Everything is explained on this page. The files of the dedicated server are located in this forum.

Demo accounts

On which maniaplanet titles can I have a demo account?

For all TrackMania² title: TrackMania² Canyon, TrackMania² Stadium and TrackMania² Valley On ShootMania, you can only access to the Elite Station.

What is Shootmania Elite?

Elite is the team based [3v3] competitve game mode in ShootMania Storm. Rounds are based on an attack/defend structure, with the goals being to either capture or defend a point, or to eliminate the player(s) on the other team.

ShootMania Elite is the game mode of choice for eSport competitions.

What are the restrictions when playing with a demo account?

For all TrackMania² titles: you can play one hour when creating your account and then 20 minutes/ day/ titles. So you can play 20 minutes on TrackMania² Canyon, 20 minutes on TrackMania² Stadium and 20 minutes on TrackMania² valley everyday.

For ShootMania Elite: you can play three hours when creating your account and then one hour everyday.

What can I do with a demo account?

TrackMania² titles: you can play on all online servers. Click on the "multiplayer" button to display online servers.

ShootMania Elite: you can play on all online servers including the matchmaking servers. By clicking on the "multiplayer button, you can display servers of the matchmaking and servers not linked to a matchmaking.

How can I remove the restrictions?

You only need to purchase the game to remove any of the Guest level restrictions. This will also give you full access to all of the ShootMania / TrackMania² game modes, customization options, map making tools - and much more! The game is available on Steam, uPlay, and through the ManiaPlanet website.

Once you have purchased the game, you can enter your key by clicking on the pop-up specifying that you are using a demo account.

I downloaded the game from Steam. How do I launch the Shootmania Elite? With a Steam purchase, you have to download the game through Steam, launch it and connect to your ManiaPlanet account, the key will be automatically added to your account.

How can I play with a demo account in the same team in ShootMania Elite?

First you have to invite the demo account as buddy. Please look at the maniaplanet article to know how adding a buddy.

Secondly when you are in the lobby, click in the live chat to set one of your buddy as ally. If he sets you as ally too, the system will automatically make a team with you and your ally. In elite, if 3 players are all allies with each other, you can play as a team for sure.

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