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The Competition Manager allow you to create a team and and/or to participate in competitions created by others players or organizations.


Create a Team

Creating a team is very easy on ManiaPlanet. First, you need to go to the Player Page, located at the following address :

The follwoing screens will show step by step how to create a team.

Pp home teamTab.jpg

Pp create team.jpg

Pp home team.jpg

Upgrading your team gives you the ability to register for official competitions, which we talk about below.

Create a Competition

In ManiaPlanet there are two types of competition: the basic ones and the official ones.

Pp home competition.jpg

Basic Competition

A basic competition uses the basic level of the competition system on ManiaPlanet, allowing you to create play in standard competitions.

Pp home create competition.jpg

Registering a Basic Competition cost 1500 Planets.

Pp home pay competition.jpg

Official Competition

Official competitions are restricted to official teams only. Those teams will win points on the Team Ladder when they win a match. Only organizations are able to create official competitions. For organizations, it's possible to create one for 100000 Planets through the Player Page.

Registering an official competition cost 25000 planets.

Manage a Competition

Once you have created a competition, you'll have a screen like this on the Player Page:

Pp home manage competition.jpg

You'll see different entries in the menu:

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