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You can share or promote your creations via multiple tools in ManiaPlanet.


ManiaFlash is a Twitter-like tool to share your content, the events that you are running in ManiaPlanet. The flashes are displayed in the ManiaHome feed of the user who follow your maniachannel.

How to write maniaflashes?

You have first to create a maniachannel by doing as follows:

-type "ManiaFlash" in the address bar on top.

-click on "create a channel"

-fill in the following fields: ID, Display Name, Description

Then your maniachannel is created. Invite all players to bookmark your maniachannel.

To write maniaflashes, click on "your channel" to display them in the maniaflash interface.

You will have to fill in the following fiels:

-Post title

-Post content (text not too long, not more than 12 lines)

-Media URL (optional): pay attention to have an image (16/9) if you attach an image to your news.

-To display links to website, you have to use some specific codes: $l[link of your website]$09Fthe name of the website$z

-To display internal links as manialinks, please use the following codes: $h[link of your manialink]$09Fthe name of your manialink$z



ManiaPub allow you to create a graphical ad displayed in several menus of ManiaPlanet to promote your ManiaLink, competitions or ManiaFlash. Go to the manialink "ManiaPub" to use it.



ManiaPress ( is a plugin for Wordpress who allow you to display your Wordpress posts inside ManiaPlanet.


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