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Welcome to ManiaPlanet!

You can discover so many games within this platform:

ShootMania Storm >> A fast-paced FPS where you can discover a lot of different modes and way to play in a futuristic set up.
TrackMania² Canyon >> The second edition of TrackMania, world-renowned racing game with crazy User Generated Content available in a Canyon environment.
TrackMania² Valley >> The racing game in a Valley, cross-style environment.
TrackMania² Stadium >> The racing game in a Stadium, F1 style environment.
QuestMania (soon) >> A role playing game using the same engine as the games above, still in the works.

What can you do within those games?

1) Play of course!
Race, shoot, crash, jump, defend, attack, brake and create! Join the fun of ManiaPlanet. Try to beat the clock in the TrackMania2 Titles or defeat your opponents in ShootMania.

2) Create
Map and script editors, numerous communication tools, Machinima sharing and editing tools. ShootMania Storm offers everyone the opportunity to create and share their own customized game.

3) Compete
ManiaPlanet provides all the services required to create, manage and participate in ShootMania and TrackMania2 tournaments. Competition is open to everyone and there is a competition for your level.

4) Participate
Many communities of gamers are active on ManiaPlanet. Join them on servers, forums or community websites. You can start talking and communicating about your favorite experience in ManiaPlanet, or even organize your own!

Make sure to join our channels to discuss more with us and our amazing community:

- Forums
- Maniaplanet Blog
- FB
- TW
- G+
- Reddit (ShootMania only for now)
- Steam
- Twitch
- Youtube
- Website

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